Upcoming Half-Life 2 Mod Turns The Game Into a Doom 2016-Style Shooter

A user has released the trailer of the upcoming. Half life 2 The mod will see the beloved FPS transformed into something inspired by its modern iteration. Doom. Given that Valve recently registered a software trademark, many fans will be hoping for a third installment in the long hiatus. half life The series will finally be on the horizon. Others, however, will be more disappointed, and hoping for anything close to a new entry in the influential franchise is left to the modding community for now.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. While many people consider vanilla experiences to be fantastic. Orange Box Recently celebrating 15 years, what keeps up half life The games that have come into the limelight are not only their legendary status, but also the sheer number of modes that have come out over the years. The community is teaming up with dedicated individuals and independent studios to keep FPS titles alive, and sometimes that means turning them into a different beast altogether.

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At least that’s what modder Velocity Punch is doing. As spotted by DSO Gaming, the user is currently developing a mod for it. half life 2 Who takes inspiration from the likes. Doom 2016 And Eternal punishment. A recent trailer shows some aspects of the current pre-alpha build. With a raucous intro and some fast-paced action, along with the crunchy guitar tone of Korn’s “Here to Stay,” it’s definitely taking cues from id Software’s innovative take on the iconic shooter. The story of “Half-Life: Ramped” will take place several years after the events of the first game in Black Mesa, in which players will face all kinds of evil beings.

A hint is also given in the video. Earthquake 3 Playground, Considered one of the greatest arena shooters of all time. While Half life 2 It’s not without its action, it doesn’t have the chaos that some old-school FPS titles were known for, and the demonic theme shown in the trailer really shines a different light on Valve’s 2004 classic. Is. Currently, there is no release date for “Reamped,” but it sure looks interesting so far.

Taking this Half life 2 Released since the 2007 expansion, Gordon Freeman’s story ended on a cliffhanger, with no formal entry. Episode two, many have given up on possible follow-up. It is impossible to say whether the valve will ever open or not. HL3but at least there are tons of mods for the previous installments that are changing the formula in interesting ways.

Half life 2 Launched in 2004 and available on mobile, PC, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox 360.

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