Valkyrae Apologizes for Using AAVE Phrase

Popular YouTube content creator Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has apologized for using African-American vernacular English and promised not to do it again.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has apologized for using African-American vernacular English during the Oct. Youtube Start streaming after being alerted by a knowledgeable moderator. Valkyrae moved from Twitch to YouTube a few years ago, and has maintained a following of 3.73 million subscribers.

Valkyra recently posted an update during a YouTube livestream explaining why she used the term AAVE, and without saying what it is, she promised to learn more about the language. She will be aware of what she uses in relation to her future. Given his large YouTube audience, several viewers noticed a questionable phrase he used during one. To appreciate Match, and one of his mods quickly introduced him to the AAVE language. Beyond Valkyra regularly live-streaming to his large YouTube audience, the content creator is also known for posting shorts and unique edited videos that often overlook live footage.

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Valkyrae said she plans to avoid AAVE sentences in the future after a mod sent her a document about one of the things she said during a recent thread that might be offensive. Although she didn’t specify what she’ll avoid saying next, some fans have pointed to Valkyra saying “stick no hat” during a strategic game. To appreciate. Referring to some of her friends using the phrase, Valkyra said she thought it was cute but took a moment to apologize to the part of her audience who might have been offended by her choice of words. .

Valkyrae remains part of the 100 Thieves esports organization that competes against other professionals from around the world, and is often live without too many slip-ups like AAVE. Valkyrae is one of the most popular female livestreamers, recently topping Pokimane’s stats, and her growing audience represents a wide range of people. Since it only took Valkyrae a day to fix the issue, it seems the YouTuber took a proactive approach rather than waiting for community backlash that has plagued some content creators in the past.

While some viewers of Valkyrie have taken the opportunity to express their appreciation for the public statement and commend it for self-reflection, others have suggested that the apology itself was unnecessary. Outside of the controversial moment in her October 13 stream, most of Valkyra’s YouTube audience praised the apology stream.

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