Video Shows How Much Better 3D Pokemon Look With Their Old 2D Colors

It could be argued that the changes made to a long-running franchise are for the better, yet one Pokemon Fan is making a compelling case that one aspect of the series has gotten worse over time: the colors of the Pokemon themselves. Taking to TikTok, he explains how, in this modern age of 3D character models, many classic pocket monsters from the past Pokemon Races aren’t as dynamic as they were back in the days of 2D sprites.

Pokemon Ahead of Others is an unusual video game franchise that has lasted for decades, as key aspects of its gameplay and aesthetics have remained virtually unchanged since the 1990s. Of course, the series has grown so far with both new gameplay features and Pokémon. PokemonThe core gameplay hasn’t changed that much in 26 years. The same can be said for the design of classic Pokemon, even when they made the jump from pixel-based 2D to full-on 3D, though that doesn’t mean how Pokemon looked back then compared to now. See, there is no difference.

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According to TikTok user Serentix, these differences have been harmful in terms of coloring. In a short video, they highlight the issue by taking the modern 3D models for Gengar, Camerupt, and Kaklon and adjusting their colors to match the colors of Pokemon’s 2D era sprites. This change isn’t as big of a difference as the difference between shiny Pokemon and their standard form, but it does a solid job of showing how muted the color scheme for Pokemon in general has become in the current 3D era.

Serentix has several videos exploring similar themes where they revolve around the colors of Pokemon as in the example above. A recent video showed how the Pokemon would look when their normal and shiny color schemes were mixed together. Another also took a stab at predicting a bright color for some new Pokemon to debut. Pokemon Scarlet And Violet next month. Over the course of a few of them, though, Serentix points out some of the more unfavorable changes in Pokemon coloring, with a recurring example being how the difference between a normal Ganger and a Shiny Ganger has become less distinct over time. Done.

It comes across rather oddly as a color scheme for it Pokemon has become more muted over time, given the brightly colored environment of the Pokémon world and its creatures is one of the franchise’s strongest selling points. Then again, maybe the transition to 3D made it a necessary evil. With so much detail Pokemon As game worlds are becoming, the visuals might have been oversaturated if they were as dynamic as their pixel-based predecessors.

At any rate, it makes for an interesting topic. Pokemon Fans ponder while they wait. Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. The games are set to launch on November 18, so fans don’t have much time to see how colorful the next generation will be. Pokemon Gets

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