Xbox 360 2K Games Have a Bizarre Restriction on New Xbox Consoles

Xbox gamers have noticed that a function 2K Games Originally released on Xbox 360 is inaccessible. This unusual restriction appears to be intentional by the publisher and does not appear to apply to any other Xbox 360 games on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

A subsidiary of Take Two Interactive, known for popular franchises such as 2K Games. Bioshock, Borderlands, civilization, XCOM, The mafia, and its various sports titles. The publisher’s Xbox 360 games also include games such as some of the above. Spec-Ops: line, dark series, and Duke Nukem forever.

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Fans have discovered that they cannot take screenshots of any 2K games that were originally released on the Xbox 360. It is unclear when or why 2K stopped allowing players to take screenshots of backward compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. . However, the strange ban went viral after gaming blogger OKthanksgames observed that players could not take screenshots of the 2007 game. dark. Reddit users initially attributed the ban to copyright issues caused by an in-game TV playing the entire 1962 film. Killing the innocent. However, Twitch streamer and YouTuber SaneIntolerant soon discovered that players could not take screenshots of any 2K Xbox 360 games.

He shared images of screenshot error messages. Mafia 2, Duke Nukem forever, Spec-Ops: The LineAnd Darkness 2. This restriction also appears to be unique to Xbox 360 games published by 2K. Players get a similar error message when taking screenshots of Konami games, but the restriction only applies to sharing screenshots on Xbox Live.

While this strange ban has recently gained attention online, it’s not a new 2K Games policy. A Reddit post from 2016 describes players having the same problem with backwards compatible. Bioshock games on Xbox One, indicating that this has been the official policy of 2K Games for many years. This principle may go back to when the Xbox One launched, but it never gained widespread attention until now. Unfortunately, 2K has never explained the reasoning behind limiting screenshots to backward compatible games. It is also unlikely that the publisher will change its mind after enforcing the policy for so many years.

However, this appears to be the first time the issue has received significant media attention. If fans are lucky, this sudden scrutiny could push 2K Games to reevaluate this strange policy. Even if it doesn’t, gamers can hope for a proper explanation from 2K Games or Take Two Interactive. Then again, one would expect the company to have done this when it first instituted this policy.

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