Xbox Elite Controllers Are Finally Officially Customizable In Xbox Design Labs

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Now fully customizable with our Xbox Design Lab service. Gamers have been waiting for the chance to customize their Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers and now the Design Lab service has finally expanded to cover professional controllers.

Xbox released its Elite range of controllers on 27 October 2015 as a new, high-end, controller level aimed at the professional gaming market. Xbox division head Phil Spencer called the new offering “an elite controller for the elite gamer” in his announcement at the 2015 E3 conference. Due to the success and popularity of the Elite Controller, the Series 2 Edition was released in 2019 with dramatic improvements over its predecessor, including adjustable tension thumbsticks, short hair trigger locks, rubber wrap grips, and Includes a host of interchangeable components. To suit every gamer’s play style. Like the Series X/S consoles, however, the Elite Series 2 was launched in only two colors: white and black.

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Microsoft announced that it was expanding its Xbox Design Lab service to the Elite Series 2 controller on Tuesday, October 18, and left a placeholder message on its Design Lab website that said, “Xbox Design Lab will be back in a bit. Wait until you see it. That’s what we’re working on.” The service will give gamers the chance to customize almost all the exteriors of their controllers, and for the first time in the Xbox Design Lab, customize the color of the thumbstick base and ring. The announcement on Xbox’s website claimed, “Since the launch of the Xbox Design Lab in 2016, the number one fan request has been to add Elite controllers to our unique customization program to further enhance our premium controller. Personalization is empowered. Now you have billions of color ways. Make the most customizable controller from Xbox without a doubt!”

Design Labs has added a personal laser engraving service to add users’ names, gamertags, or a custom 16-character message to their controllers, as well as making a range of custom carry cases available. has been The Xbox Accessories app allows the power button lighting changes to match any color scheme chosen by the controller’s owner, with over 16 million lighting colors. Custom controllers start at $149.99 and can be purchased with all available Elite components for $209.99.

Waiting for the personalization of the game. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers After their release and, now that the wait is over, they can start adding their touches to Xbox’s top line of controllers. Fans will be able to showcase their unique controllers using #XboxDesignLab on social media and be inspired by designs featured on the Design Lab website.

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