Xbox Game Pass Adds New Day One Title with Strong Reviews Today

Xbox Game Pass Adds A Plague Story: Requiem Today, the title is receiving rave reviews ahead of its release. Of course, this is just one of the games coming this month. There are technically six games after that on Oct. 20, incl Amnesia Collection (which includes Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, And Justin) Amnesia: Rebirth, Phantom Abyss (game preview), and Soma.

October 21 will see its increase. Person 5 Royal PC and Xbox ports, and will add on October 27. Frog Detective: The Complete Mystery, Gunfire Reborn, And Indicated. It’s certainly been a busy month, and while Xbox Game Pass has already added a lot of great games this month, A Plague Story: Requiem A great addition.

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According to review aggregator OpenCritic, A Plague Story: Requiem It has “strong” reviews. It has a top critic average of 83 out of 90 reviews, with a total of 83% of critics recommending the game. It will be interesting to see exactly how fans feel about this, but at least, it seems like most agree. A Plague Story: Requiem A solid sequel and a great game overall.

Xbox Game Pass – October 18th

  • A Plague Story: The Quest (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X/S)

A Plague Story: Requiem Set six months after the first game, Amicia and Hugo de Rony travel to southern France in search of a cure for Hugo’s blood disease. It explores the siblings’ bond to protect themselves and their brother, Hugo’s predicament with his powers, and Amesia’s own trauma when she kills, etc.

In our A Plague Story: Requiem Review, we wrote, “A Plague Story: Requiem It’s everything one could want from a sequel. A Plague Story: Innocence. It is more ambitious and action packed. Innocence, and is quite easily one of the best new game releases of the year. The fact is that A Plague Story: Requiem There’s a day when an Xbox Game Pass game adds significant value to Microsoft’s subscription service, and anyone with Game Pass should play it as soon as possible. Those on other platforms should also not be left out, eg A Plague Story: Requiem Easily worth the full price. Simply put, A Plague Story: Requiem A must play.”

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers get a handful of games each month.

MORE: A Plague Story: Requiem is the series finale for now.

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