Xbox Game Pass Confirms 8 More Games for October 2022

Xbox Game Pass confirms all new games coming to the service in the second half of October 2022, including eight titles.

Microsoft has confirmed eight games that will be part of it. Xbox Game Pass New additions for October 2022. Some Xbox Game Pass subscribers already knew about these games thanks to previous release date announcements, but Game Pass subscribers have some surprises to look forward to these next two weeks.

Four of the new Xbox Game Pass games for October 2022 will be added to the service on October 20. These additions should be especially exciting for horror game fans, as they can look forward to this addition. Amnesia Collection, Rebirth of amnesia (making its Xbox debut), and Soma, all well-received horror game titles from Frictional Games. Same day, asymmetric multiplayer platformer The Phantom Abyss Game Pass will also include, albeit as an Xbox Series X, Early Access release.

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The new Xbox Game Pass games for October 20 should keep subscribers busy enough, but there’s more to come on October 21. On this day, critical Person 5 Royal Xbox Game Pass joins the lineup, giving fans the chance to play one of the industry’s most popular JRPGs. Person 5 Royal can easily keep fans occupied for hundreds of hours, so it should give subscribers serious bang for their buck.

New Xbox Game Pass games for October 2022

  • Amnesia Collection (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – October 20th
  • Amnesia: Rebirth (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – October 20th
  • Phantom Abyss (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X) – October 20th
  • Soma (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – October 20th
  • Persona 5 Royal (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – October 21st
  • Frog Detective: The Whole Mystery (PC) – October 27
  • Gunfire Reborn (Cloud/consoles/PC) – October 27th
  • Signalis (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – October 27th

All of the new Xbox Game Pass games for next week are focused on a single day, with three games being added on October 27th. Frog Detective: The Complete Mystery On October 27, while Rebirth of Gunfire And Indicated Game Pass will be available on all platforms on the same day.

Of these, perhaps the most interesting is Indicated. Not only. Indicated An Xbox Game Pass game back in the day, but it also takes inspiration from classic survival horror titles. It’s releasing just in time for the Halloween season, when many Xbox Game Pass subscribers will likely be looking for a horror game to play.

These eight games should ensure that the next two weeks are exciting for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but fans should keep in mind that there are still some games leaving the service this month. Xbox Game Pass is also giving away eight games on Halloween, so subscribers may want to prioritize those.

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