Xbox Game Pass is Losing 6 Games Today

Today is the last day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play the service’s six games, but there’s a chance to buy them at a discount.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass The subscription service is losing six games today. The 15th of every month is usually a sad day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as it’s the day the service loses another batch of games. As previously announced, October 15th will see the departure of six Xbox Game Pass games, although users of the service have some time to purchase the games to keep them at a discount.

Some Xbox Game Pass subscribers may not realize it, but the service has more benefits than just access to its huge library of games. Almost all Xbox Game Pass games are available at a 20% discount while they’re on the service, so those who want to own the games and don’t mind getting a boot can do so without paying full price. The discount expires once games are removed from GamePass, so anyone interested in taking advantage should act fast.

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There are six games leaving Xbox Game Pass today. Bloodroots, Eco generation, In the pit, Ring of pain, SableAnd good life. All six games were available on Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud, so their departure will definitely sting. Xbox Game Pass subscribers are encouraged to check out all of the games dropping today to see if they want to buy any of them to keep, but those with limited time on their hands may want to check out the others. Prefer to try some first.

Xbox Game Pass games are dropping soon.

  • Bloodroots
  • Eco generation
  • In the pit
  • Ring of pain
  • Sable
  • good life

Of all the games leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 15th, this is the one with the highest review score. Bloodroots. Originally released in 2020, Bloodroots is a hack and slash western game where players take on the role of a vengeful Mr. Wolf. It should appeal to those looking for a fast-paced action game to play, and is definitely worth looting before it’s removed from the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

It is the second highest rated game to leave Xbox Game Pass today. Eco generation. One Xbox Game Pass game once a day, Eco generation is an RPG with an amazing voxel art style and an aesthetic reminiscent of the shows. Stranger things.

In the pit, Ring of painAnd Sable received mostly mixed reviews, while good life Today Xbox Game Pass is the only game on the list of games that had mostly negative reviews. being said, good life is one of Swery’s latest projects, so fans of his quirky brand of games may still find it worth checking out.

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