Xbox Game Pass Losing 8 Games on Halloween

Xbox Game Pass is set to give away 8 different games on your PC, Xbox One and Xbox series consoles, and cloud platforms this Halloween.

Xbox Game Pass Acts like a revolving door, with some games coming in constantly and other games dropping in the middle and end of the month. Xbox Game Pass has several games for October 2022, including recently revealed titles. Amnesia: The Collection, Amnesia: Rebirth, Phantom Abyss, Frog Detectiveand more, but 8 are leaving on October 31.

Losing games on a holiday might seem strange at first, but it obviously has nothing to do with it being Halloween. The last day of the month always seems to be when games leave the service, so it’s no surprise that Xbox Game Pass and Halloween stand out this way. The good news is that Xbox Game Pass introduced a bunch of great games to play this Halloween and continues to do so, while Halloween-goers don’t really undermine the holiday in any way.

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Losing Xbox Game Pass Alan Wake: American Nightmare, Backbone, Bassmaster Fishing 2022, Noongans: Doppelganger Edition, Project Wingman, Second Extinction, Sniper Elite 4And The Forgotten City. That means fans have about two weeks left to check out these titles if they still have them. Alan Wake Bit of a hit, but truth be told, The American Nightmare It’s not that much of a horror game, so it’s not a big deal. The Forgotten City Born from a Skyrim mode and is a great time loop game. Sniper Elite 4 Can go, but Sniper Elite 5 is still on service. Overall, it’s not the worst lineup of games to ever leave the service, with only one or two that most subscribers should definitely check out.

Xbox Game Pass games depart on October 31, 2022.

  • Alan Wake: American Nightmare (Console and PC)
  • Backbone (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Bassmaster Fishing 2022 (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Noongans: Doppelgänger Edition (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Project Wingman (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Other Extinction (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Sniper Elite 4 (Console and Cloud)
  • Forgotten City (Console, Cloud, PC)

If anyone doesn’t have time to play these games, especially with video game releases slated for October 2022 and of course the spooky season, buying any of these games now comes with a 20% discount. .

Xbox Game Pass is considered one of the best deals in gaming, and discounts like this prove it. Sure, great games are the big picture, but the fact that fans are getting heads-up, discounts, and more shows just how user-friendly the service is.

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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