Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Confirms 2 New Perks for October 2022

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is giving members a few new perks later this month. Microsoft adds new games to the Xbox Game Pass library every month, with announcements usually coming in multiple batches. The first set of games coming to Xbox Game Pass was announced earlier this month, and a new batch of titles has just arrived.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get 8 more games in October 2022. Person 5 Royal, Soma, The Phantom Abyss, Amnesia Collection, and more. The dates are spread throughout the rest of the month, with some games on October 20 and others on October 27. Person 5 Royal This is perhaps the most notable title on the list, as the franchise makes its debut on Xbox consoles on October 21st. Microsoft has also revealed 2 new perks coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this batch.

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Starting October 27, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download the 25th Anniversary Bundle. Conclusion 76. This pack includes weapon skins, lunch boxes, CAMP items and more Fallout Franchise is another advantage for this. Secret NeighborsAs players get the sportswear bundle on October 27. It comes with a new Neighbor Tennis cosmetic set and Leader Basketball cosmetic set, and gamers also get a roll of arcade coupons to purchase items from the in-game shop.

New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks for October 2022

  • Fallout 76: 25th Anniversary Bundle – October 27th
  • Secret Neighbors: The Games Bundle – October 27

Perks are basically bundles or special packs that give players bonus in-game items like skins, XP boosters, consumables, and more, at no extra cost. Gamers can take advantage of these Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks to get unique bonuses that can change the way they view or give them a head start. However, sometimes Microsoft adds unique rewards, such as a month of Paramount+, as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate collection.

These perks for October 2022 look pretty standard compared to Microsoft’s offerings in previous months. Earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members received perks. Apex Legends, A speed hat is required.And Evil. All three bundles similarly contained in-game items including outfits, cars, and weapon charms at no additional cost.

While Xbox Game Pass members get new games and perks every month, games often leave the service as well. Microsoft just confirmed that Xbox Game Pass will lose 8 games, including Halloween. Alan Wake: The American Nightmare, Sniper Elite 4, The Forgotten Cityand more.

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