YouTube Streamer Ludwig is Selling Bidets

In one of the most unusual acts of brand promotion ever, popular YouTube streamer Ludwig has announced that he is now selling a line of high-end bidets.

Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig has announced that after spending a year designing in secret, he’s releasing his own line of bidets. Streamers building side businesses are nothing new—Twitch streamer Amaranth spent $8 million on a gas station and car wash alone—but Ludwig’s foray into the personal cleaning business is one of the most unexpected side projects of all time. There is one.

Ludwig Ahgren, who streams under the handle Ludwig, is an American streamer and content creator who originally created popular streaming titles such as Super Smash Bros. Melee And Mario Party Topics on Twitch. Ludwig left Twitch in 2021 to begin streaming under an exclusive deal with YouTube, though the switch to platforms has had little effect on his growing popularity. Having previously broken Ninja’s record for most subscribers on a solo Twitch channel, Ludwig’s recent achievements include winning Streamer of the Year at The Streamer Awards.

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In an announcement on his Twitter account, Ludwig revealed that he has been secretly making his bidet for the past year and will now release it for sale. The bidet, released under the cheeky brand name Swipe, is claimed by Ludwig to be “the largest bidet ever made by man” and is now for sale through the company’s website. If the new product line is successful, the profits could help the streamer repair some of the major damage to his home when a SWAT team raided Ludwig’s home while he and his family were unaccounted for. Subjected to swatting by parties.

Bidets have become a familiar sight in many homes due to toilet paper shortages in recent years as a result of the global pandemic, but this foray into personal hygiene products by a popular YouTube streamer and content creator is a highly unusual one. There is action. Twitter users’ responses to Ludwig’s announcement ranged from amused to confused, with some users excitedly posting screenshots of their order confirmations. Ludwig’s Swipe line of bidets offers the option of either a $50 additional nozzle for existing toilets or a $500 complete replacement set that includes a remote control and deodorizer for those looking for bathroom luxury.

Ludwig’s line of bidets may seem like an unusual business choice to pursue, but it serves as an example of the many creative ways streamers are trying to ensure That they can still live when it’s time to put the camera down. As controversy continues over Twitch’s new revenue split for streamers, which drastically reduces potential profits for streamers at all levels of success on the platform, it’s likely that Ludwig will come up with an unexpected new approach. The final content that comes in will not be the creator. To keep the lights on.

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